$18.59 Setup Fee
4 Frame Nucs (30 Available)
Our Four frame nucs. The setup fee is your non refundable deposit. Prices are FOB our farm.
Hives Pollination (6 Available)
Hives to pollinate your farm.
These are
Our annual rates are 1 t0 4 $180.00
5 or more $160
Enter the fallowing code if you order 5 or more hives.
On orders less than 8 hives you provide bear protection..
Annual and organic.

Live Mentoring

Live Mentoring

Come to our yards or yours and learn. The price is per person.
Operation management services
Operation management services We will manage your bees. This is a annual fee to manage your bees. This is a per hive fee with a 4 hive min. We also got a % of the products produced. Training fees are extra.
Organic Farm Pollination (6 Available)
Rent our sustainably maintained bees on an annual basis. For numbers less than 4 hives you will provide sutible bear protection.

Queens (5 Available)

Sustainably produced Queens.

Thank you for your interest in our queens.

Our queens are produced by the following methods

  • Grafting

  • Splits

  • Nuc building

You man track your queen though our managet system.


$40.00 Setup Fee
Shaken Swarms
You bring your box to our yard. We shake a box of bees and a queen into the box. When we prove she is laying we send it home with your.
$10.00 Setup Fee
Urban Hive X frames. (8 Available)

These our our base hive for urban settings. There are enough bees to keep your yard completly pollinated.

Service only avible in the North Okanagan.


$100.00 Setup Fee
WorkShops You host we provide the teaching. (10 Available)
Have a yard and would like to host a workshop in your area. We can do that for you. We will focus the workshop around the needs of your yard at the time and other issues that concern the bees.
We have a fee plus a per person fee . You may have to provide transportation and accommodation as well if out of the Area of the workshop leader. We are also open to trades especially for long tern reoccurring situations.

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